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Miso Soup

Title: Miso Soup
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Word Count: 600+ words
Summary: Sehun thinks sometimes being busy isn’t something you should really hate.


the usual evening scenario goes like this. sehun wakes up at eight from his daily afternoon nap, gearing up for work for an hour, and busies himself with paperwork and phone calls for the next straight eight hours. meanwhile, his roommate, luhan, comes home at nine, eyes droopy and red from an interrupted nap at the bus, body weary from a day-shift of work at a coffeehouse downtown.

when sehun comes back home, luhan is asleep, curled on their bed and deep in his sleep. for seven days in more than four years of living together, they rarely talk, and both of them sometimes question how they manage to keep such a setup.

at three in the morning, as soon as he changes to house clothes, sehun carefully slides under the warmth and comfort of their blanket. he slinks his hands around luhan’s waist and tugs the older closer to him. luhan wakes up, though half-asleep, and weakly groans to express slight annoyance. but sehun hugs him closer, tighter, keeping his arms over luhan’s body.

“i missed you,” sehun mumbles, slowly feeling the drowsiness taking over his head as his body finally finds comfort. luhan groans again, his tone rising in hurried agreement. sehun pouts, slightly feeling bad at the unexpected response, but then he’s bothering a sleepyhead at three in the morning. he should find no reason to be disappointed.

luhan, although far from actually awake, slowly turns around, eyes slightly opened and lips pulled to a weak but sweet smile. sehun forgets about tonight’s disappointments and leans a bit closer so that he smells luhan’s hair, and he feels his breath and the warmth of his skin.

sehun kisses him. on the lips. a quick one. and he blushes, his guts slightly churning, though in a good way. he likes it, that giddy feeling when he cannot keep his mush inside. he needs to do it. the face is too adorable for him to resist.

luhan does not speak. instead, he opens his eyes at the contact of their lips, feigning shock when his lips curl to a wider smile, telling the other how he actually likes it. he looks at sehun, letting his sight do the talking since he is too drowsy to open his mouth, until he falls back to sleep. sehun soon follows, closing his eyes and wishing for a continuation of this in his dream.

when sehun wakes up (slightly saddened upon realizing he had a dreamless sleep), it’s past eleven in the morning and obviously, he is alone in the flat since luhan is back to work downtown. he drags himself to the washroom for his routinary facial rituals but when his peripheral catches a glance of the kitchen table, he pauses.

on the usually empty-every-morning table are a cup of rice, a bowl of his favorite miso soup, and a pack of his favorite instant chocolate drink. a note is slipped under an upside down glass.


sorry for last night (early this morning kk). i swear i’ll make it up to you this weekend.

made you your favorite meal though. don’t forget to reheat the miso soup~

love lots,

your lu baobei ♥

sehun laughs at the “lu baobei” part when he remembers how luhan used to cringe at the nickname. sehun likes it though and now that luhan used it himself, he makes sure he’ll use this for the rest of his lifetime. and the heart. it shall be there forever.

sehun forgets about facial wash and foams and takes a seat. this is going to be one of his favorite breakfasts ever.

1. Wow sorry for the failing fluff. This is for xxbbq since she wants domestic!hunhan but then I don't know I think I ruined it. Sorry bb. /cries
2. Comments are not necessary but are highly appreciated!
3. Talk to me? Haha.

Tags: genre!fluff, pair!sehun/luhan, rating!pg
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